Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to Toxic Stars

"There can be only one nation: Humankind.   There can be only one state: the Republic of Man.   There can be only one goal: Victory." -Citizenship Oath of the Dark Republic

"You have no idea how far we will go to survive." -Dr. Harold Gates

Reminder: Maintain proper information hygiene at all times. What you do know can hurt you.

Welcome to Toxic Stars: The Future of Humankind in the Cthulhu Mythos.   This began on the ASB  section of the forum.   However, like all authors, I crave readers, and viewing's ASB forum requires registration.   Hence, this blog.

I have a fair amount of material already written and posted on, which should go up over the next few days.   Once that's posted, updates will hopefully continue at the rate of one per week, generally on Fridays.   I will be continuing to post updates on the thread as well, for those who prefer to read it there.

I may also periodically post reviews of Cthulhu Mythos stories and books here as well.   I am a voracious consumer of the Mythos in all its forms, from Lovecraft to Kiernan, from the highest flights of fancy to the lowliest fanfic dreck.

A final note: let me briefly point out my other blog, where I post on atompunk history.   That's been a little neglected over the last few months, but I have a few things that should hopefully be showing up there soon.

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