Thursday, October 2, 2014

Interlude 1: Your Daily Intelligence Briefing

Warning: The contents of this file past the dotted line are classified as Maximally Controlled Information, security phrase HIEROPHANT. If you are not cleared for MaxConInfo with security phrase HIEROPHANT, close this file immediately and contact your infocon officer for debriefing using the security phrase PANIC YELLOW.

Reminder: Control of dangerous information is vital to the future of the human race. Maintain proper information hygiene at all times. What you do know can hurt you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Task Force HIEROPHANT Daily Intelligence Briefing 091618911

Sam-F1191, HIEROPHANT Liaison to the Melanicus Non-Citizen Community, reports that the rumor that a Melanicus Institute of Advanced Study researcher was researching POISON GATE mathematics was in error (see DayIntBrief 091418911). The named researcher agreed to undergo a full neural scan, which detected no trace of unsafe information.

Maintenance has been completed on Thermal Loop #4, and the Loop has returned to service. Loop #3 will be taken down at 1900 hours today for preventive maintenance, and will remain down for three weeks. This will complete the planned maintenance program.

At 0928 this morning Melanicus station received a squirt transmission from Kir-P2881, tasked to the Deep Space Reconnaissance Project. He reports that he briefly made contact with known True Republic Factionalist Ira-K0897 while in interstellar space 38 light-years from Melanicus. Ira-K0897 transmitted a warning squirt advising that Fleet Support Ship Lin-T8811 had been infected with a level one memetic hazard, believed to be TINSEL CROWN, and that this hazard may have infected other True Republic Factionalists in the area. This is corroborated by observation of a high-yield energy spike in interstellar space, approximate coordinates 145/216/39.4, consistent with the cauterizing self-destruction of a Fleet Support Ship of the Sic Semper Tyrannis class.

Origin of this infection is not known. TINSEL CROWN was believed confined to the Melanicus Remote Quarantine Storage Vault and no other copies were known to exist. This suggests either the penetration of the Vault by True Republic Factionalists, or, more likely, the existence of a previously-unknown refugee astromorph carrying TINSEL CROWN. Further analysis is under way and an action plan is being drawn up under the security phrase CONIFER. Erid-Q8945 has been named by the HIEROPHANT Operations Committee as the Lead Officer on CONIFER.

On a happier note, Kay-A7809 has decanted a child, which she has named Lem. I'm sure we all wish Kay and Lem the best luck in the world. A decanting party is planned for 2300 tomorrow, at the Senior Officers' Canteen.

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