Thursday, October 2, 2014

CH1: Unlikely Revolutionaries, Part 11

Destruction of the Elysium Mons Observatory

In the early 6th millennium AD, there was an active group of revolutionaries operating in Elysium and other Martian cities. Tragically, very little is known of these heroes, many of whom would no doubt be listed as Martyrs on the Wall of Honor if their names had survived. When Preliminary Observations was found in the files of one such revolutionary in 5,021 AD, its censorship pass was revoked, and Lee Ludei and Pol Vigili were recalled from the Observatory to Elysium for questioning. After they left, Elysium security forces surrounded the observatory and detained the staff. Some junior personnel, notably Ermon Vigili, Dee Vigili, and Mara, escaped the roundup. With the exception of Ludei, the senior staff were Martyred. Ludei, being a relative of the Autarch, was placed under indefinite house arrest.

Reminder: The highest possible honor is to die in defense of humanity.

Ermon Vigili, Dee Vigili, Mara, and the other Observatory personnel fled into the wastes to escape arrest.

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