Tuesday, April 14, 2015

CH2: Homecoming, Part 14

Mission to Elysium

In 5,024 AD, Mara and Dee were dispatched to Elysium, with the mission of making contact with the Elysium Zealots. Their objective was to set up a network within the city to distribute propaganda and conduct other operations, and to gather information on the situation of Lee Ludei, who had been imprisoned by order of the Autarch.

According to Dee's memoirs, they entered Elysium by traveling from Lucky Strike to Elysium through Ferrograd using false documentation identifying them as unbonded citizens of Polar Three employed by a licensed public newsfile service. On arrival they made contact with several groups of student activists operating out of Elysium Academy, via the Blue Marble Tavern, later infamous as a hangout for Zealots in this time period. They quickly became involved in writing and distributing illegal Zealot propaganda and, later in robberies to fund the revolution. Over the next few years, the center of gravity of the Republican cause shifted from the Wastelands to the hives of Elysium itself, although Ermon and other Republicans who were too “hot” to return to Elysium continued to operate in camps in the Wastes.

By 5,026 AD, according to Dee's memoirs, the Republican network operating in Elysium numbered approximately one hundred persons.

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