Friday, December 30, 2016

CH3: Breakout, Part 11

The Raid on the Urban Palace

Even as IntSec was cracking down on the Vanguardists, armed elements of Republican forces in the wastes returned to Elysium along well-established smuggling routes. Once in the city, they linked up with local Republican cadres, and on January 4th, 5027, raided the Urban Palace of the Autarch, where MuniPrin Lee Ludei was being held.

The Urban Palace had been built by the preceding dynasty, and had largely fallen out of use during the Ludei dynasty, who preferred the Third Palace and the New Palace. However, the Autarchs still found uses for it, such as housing noble prisoners in relative comfort. The revolutionaries cut the power to the palace, killed several guards, and managed to exfiltrate afterwards, fleeing into the waste, but MuniPrin Lee and MuniPrix Sara were killed in the fighting.

One week after the raid on the Urban Palace, Autarch Miraxus II made a rare public broadcast to the entire city of Elysium, accusing the Amazonis Bloc of being behind the recent terrorist outrages. He demanded a slew of concessions from the Bloc, and threatened war if they did not comply. The next day, Amazonis forces attacked Elysian positions all along the border. 

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  1. Mark,
    I recently tumbled to your blog and hope you'll release more of the the Toxic Stars.

    1. Thanks for reading! Toxic Stars is on hiatus, not cancelled. Life has gotten a lot busier for me over the last year, what with being gainfully employed now. I have another project (math stuff) that I'm currently focusing on, but once I've finished that, I'm hoping to get back to Toxic Stars.