Saturday, July 4, 2015

CH3: Breakout, Part 6

Geopolitics Immediately Prior to the Fool's War

After the first decade of Autarch Miraxus II's rule, tensions between Elysium and the Amazonis Bloc began to flare up again. The initial cause was the defection of the city of Lucky Strike, a former Elysium vassal. Miraxus I had persuaded Autarix Heliora III of Lucky Strike to break with the Amazonis Bloc and sign a mutual defense and trade pact, a deal sealed by the marriage of one of his sons to Heliora III. However, when Heliora IV succeeded her mother, she decided to break the treaty, realigning with Amazonis, and no amount of Elysian persuasion was able to change her mind.

Tensions were further exacerbated by suspicions that Amazonis was covertly training and arming Elysian rebel groups, most notably the Republican bands operating out of the northern wastes. These suspicions were correct, though the Elysian government grossly overestimated the amount of influence Amazonis had on the Republicans, believing them to be merely pawns of the Bloc.

By 5026, Elysium and Amazonis were clearly drifting towards an armed confrontation. Elysium began to hire Isidian mercenary troops en masse and stepped up production of weapons plutonium, and new fortifications were built on both sides of the border.

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