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Server Responses #10

Response from HIEROPHANT Data Server to Query: Zeta Reticulans

Be Aware: This response has been sanitized to remove information you are not authorized to access.

Technological alien species currently occupying third planet of Zeta Reticuli system.

Zeta Reticulan History

The following account is derived from Zeta Reticulan sources and is considered highly suspect. However, more accurate information is not available.

The Zeta Reticulan species was created using bio-engineering by GARGOYLE, likely using early hominids as a base, for use as a labor force on Earth. Around 40,000 BC they rebelled against their creators, stole two interstellar-capable spacecraft and associated other technology, and ultimately settled on a habitable planet in the Zeta Reticuli system, where they have remained since. Since making contact with humans in REDACTED, they have acted as a passive ally to humanity, trading knowledge and technology and giving aid and shelter to the separatist Order of the Third Eye.

This account has numerous inconsistencies. Economic analysis shows that the Zeta Reticulans are extremely suboptimal as a labor force compared to other solutions. Furthermore, given known GARGOYLE bio-engineering and weapons technologies, it is extremely implausible that their rebellion could have succeeded. Finally, although a detailed archeological survey is not available, there is no evidence of Reticulan occupation of Zeta Reticuli 3 that can be dated to earlier then 0 AD. Consensus of the Xenodiplomatic Analysis Committee is that the Zeta Reticulan account of their history has been fabricated, either by themselves or by GARGOYLE neuro-engineering, for unknown purposes.

Zeta Reticulan Biology

Structurally, Zeta Reticulans are humanoid in broad outline, generally 1 to 1.5 meters tall and very thin. They have very large almond-shaped, white- and iris-less eyes, able to see into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum, pale tan skin, and no hair. They lack any reproductive or digestive system, and use technological means to maintain themselves. Other then this significant difference, their internal structure is broadly similar to baseline humans, with lungs, heart, etc. mounted in the chest cavity and a dual-lobed brain in the head.

At a microscopic level, the Zeta Reticulans are essentially humaniform, with cell structures isomorphic to corresponding human structures.

Zeta Reticulan Technology

The Zeta Reticulans remain dependent on technology stolen from GARGOYLE or obtained from human factions. This includes bioprocessing equipment to produce blood nutritive factors, and cloning tanks for reproduction. Although they originally possessed two interstellar-capable spacecraft, only one remains functional, the other having been REDACTED. Their indigenous technology base is limited to basic agriculture, stone construction, and stone and copper tools.

Zeta Reticulan Culture

Zeta Reticulans are extremely passive, reactive, and uncreative. They exhibit little emotion or initiative, and, with rare exceptions, will follow instructions from superiors without question. They have a strictly hierarchical society, with hierarchy rank determined meritocratically.

Response from HIEROPHANT Data Server to Query: UNS No Higher Good exploratory mission to Tau Ceti, discoveries

Response from HIEROPHANT Data Server to Query: Tau Ceti

Be Aware: This response has been sanitized to remove information you are not authorized to access.

The following summary report was generated by the Deep Space Reconnaissance Project, under security phrase WARDEN:

System Designator: Tau Ceti / WARDEN
Planetary System: 9 primary bodies: 1 gas giant; 1 major debris disk

Primary Target: Tau Ceti 6

Initial survey categorizes as B5: carbon dioxide-nitrogen atmosphere. No acute microbiological hazards. Temperature within baseliner habitable range within the equatorial zone, averaging 0 F to 80 F at equator; polar zones not habitable by baseliners. Water oceans covering approx. 40% of surface in two main seas, dubbed Big Sea and Bigger Sea, with surface in single contiguous continent. Surface bears heavy meteor scarring. Surface gravity 0.71 G. Volcanic activity moderate.

2,064 large cylindrical structures, approximately 200 meters tall and 20 meters wide, are scattered equidistantly across the planet's surface. Each structure is made of amorphous titanium oxide. Hypergeometric survey associates each structure to two gravimetric sources, located approximately three kilometers under the planetary surface, one inactive class-1, one active class-2, with one exception (see below). The active class-2 sources are consistent with class-2 Elder Signs rendered in petroglyphic form and associated to a megaton mass anchor. Each structure bears Architect hieroglyphs reading REDACTED. Based on DocInt and REDACTED, structures have been identified as the prison-tombs of RAZOR ANGEL. Secondary Architect ruins located in the Big Sea.

Initial biological survey shows native life limited to micro-organisms operating on photosynthesis-fermentation cycle. No indication of macro-predators.

Secondary Target: Artifact in Tau Ceti Orbit

Artificial structure in highly eccentric orbit around Tau Ceti (aphelion 1 AU, perihelion 0.1 AU), consisting of a cluster of three cylindrical macromolecular carbon fuel tanks with associated attachment valves and seals. Macromolecular structure is a type not used by any known human or alien faction. Appears to have been in orbit for approximately eight million years, judging by meteor scarring on surface.

UN Operations in Tau Ceti System

UNS No Higher Good made an exploratory survey of the Tau Ceti system during the Second Golden Age, discovering the prison-tombs and Architect ruins. The crew of No Higher Good spent four years in system, focusing their efforts on excavating the Architect ruins in the Big Sea. The mission was aborted early following excavation of a prison-tomb. Available public records attribute the abort to breakdown of the ship's primary fusion laser array, caused by unexpected degradation of the focusing optics; however, historical analysis strongly indicates this was a coverup, and that the expedition actually aborted after accidentally freeing a RAZOR ANGEL by disrupting the containment petroglyph.

Response from HIEROPHANT Data Server to Query: HIEROPHANT Data Server location, capabilities and sapience

Be Aware: This response has been sanitized to remove information you are not authorized to access.

The HIEROPHANT data server is located twenty kilometers under the surface of Melanicus, within a macromolecular carbon vault five kilometers beneath the primary Melanicus station facilities, adjacent to the Melanicus neural backup vault. The server provides organizational and informational support to all HIEROPHANT operations. The HIEROPHANT data server is integrated with Ren-E9550, but query responses are performed by a subsidiary subsapient expert system.

Response from HIEROPHANT Data Server to Query: HIEROPHANT Data Server archive size and medium.

Be Aware: This response has been sanitized to remove information you are not authorized to access.

The HIEROPHANT data server archives exceed 100,000 exabytes in storage capacity, and consist primarily of crystal matrix memory arrays. Supplementary and deep archival media also includes optical media, magnetic media, printed paper, and cryo-preserved neural tissue.

Response from HIEROPHANT Data Server to Query: What is the current year?

The current year is 18,254 AD.

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